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About Us

Transtree has a fully functional professional team working across all verticals of Health Care with a strong pan-India presence with highly Passionate, Energetic and Self Driven Marketing and Sales Team with a solid Distribution Network.

Vinay Tyagi a Post Graduate in pharmacy from AKTU University has been with M/s. Transtree since 2018. With 6+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with Indian and foreign organisations holding the Manager position of the company.
He has a detailed understanding of business. He makes use of his deep knowledge and experience of key business functions such as strategic sourcing, project management, Indenting, business development & all technical activities related to DCGI work in his day to day engagement.


Transtree is an innovative Indian pharmaceutical, nutraceutical & functional foods company with a global presence.


Market Research and Development, Concept Selling, Reach & Penetration, Right Infrastructure, Market Intelligence.


Transtree has its presence into other manufacturing of API, Excipients and Dairy ingredients

Major Milestones

By Providing Guidance in Framing the Policy to DCGI, Government of India,

  • Transtree is the First in India to complete Registrations of APIs within 3 months of filing the dossier with DCGI
  • First in India to Register Products without submitting COPP
  • First in India to Register APIs without GMP by using Written Confirmation
  • Succeeded in adding Manufacturing Facility for Finished Formulations in Kala Amb, Himachal Pradesh, India. The Unit has production lines for Liquid Injections, Lyophilized Injections and Dry Powder Injections. It is a very new Facility with all modern equipments and Certifications.

Our Reputed Customers in India

Our Suppliers in China

Our Other Country Suppliers

How we get there


  • Identify specialized Products for In & Out-Licensing
  • Complete Regulatory Approvals and Register;
  • Engage with Reputed Pharmaceutical Manufacturers worldwide.

Niche markets

  • Pursue scalable customer service through sustainable strategies
  • Engage top-line Customers with cutting-edge Products and Services.

Supply chains

  • Cultivate one-to-one customer service with robust ideas
  • Maximize timely deliverables for real-time Satisfaction.

Meet our team

Suresh Kumar

( Head of operations )

Krishan Tyagi

( Founder Chairman )

Vinay Tyagi

( Manager )


( Accounts )


( Admin )

Bhupesh Khatri

( IT )


Regulatory consultant for CDSCO with 10+ year of experiences



Successful Approval


To become a Respected and Choicest Partner to the veteran manufacturing Companies of Formulations and Raw Materials for Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Industry of India and across the World, by offering our Innovative Products and Services which bridge the GAP arising out of unmet medical needs and available solution to India and Rest of the World.


To be India’s most Trusted Indenting, Marketing and Sales Organisation. We want to become a Preferred and Choicest Partner to Multi National Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Companies seeking Sales and Marketing presence in India.


Compliance with Ethics, Integrity and Transparency across all Levels and Verticals of Health Industry. We want to impart mutual Respect and Brotherhood with Compassion and Love.